Matthias Reisenburg

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Matthias Reisenburg
Matthias Reisenburg
Anführer of Helreich, Matthias Reisenburg.
Born November 5, 7525rh
Himmelstein, Heiywern
Died N/A
Occupation Anführer

Anführer of the Stolvic Häverist Commonwealth and the Häverist Commonhold of Helland
In office
July 17, 7562rh - Present
Preceded by XXXX
Succeeded by

Matthias Reisenburg II is the current Anführer of the Stolvic Häverist Commonwealth and Häverist Commonhold of Helland.



Early Life

Matthias Reisenburg II was born on November 5th, 7525rh in the Reisenburg castle of Himmelstein in Hersfeld. He was born to Heinrich Reisenburg III and Julia Reisenburg only, born out of a monogamous marriage between the patriarch of the Reisenburg Stamm of Hersfeld. Being born into a former royal house of Helreich, House Reisenburg, Matthias Reisenburg II was brought up with relative wealth in comparison others who grew up within Hersfeld. Because of his grandfather's (Wilhelm Reisenburg) infamous/famous (depending on sympathies) betrayal and killing of the last Kaiser of Helreich, House Reisenburg was able to maintain its ancestral home of Himmelstein and maintain a good portion of its belongings. Compared to the other royal houses of Helreich, House Reisenburg lost little. House Sävert of Steinsen was completely disassembled, castles and lands seized by the Häverists: Only a few of the family was able to escape with some wealth to exile in XXXXX. House Ahren fled Ayern after the killing of the Kaiser, leading to the seizing of their lands and castles. House Varen was completely wiped out by the Häverists during the Decemberist Revolution.

Matthias Reisenburg II grew up with access to one of the last bastions of royal wealth in Helreich, surrounded by his family's history, its vast libraries and dwindling wealth. He had private tutors, swordmasters, and his father to give him insight in how to be a good leader. His father desired to put another Reisenburg in a position of power within Helreich, but not through bloodline, but through merit, skill, and service to the new Häverist State.

Years in the Häverist Academia

In the early years of his teen years, young Matthias was brought to be taught within the Häverist Academia in Hoffnung. Being born within Helreich placed him within the caste of Student, equal to all other Students around him (Something Matthias struggled with in his first years there). There he learned of the Häverist system, about its economy, and succeeded in becoming one of the top of his class.

Years of Service to the State


Upon reaching the age of 18, Matthias Reisenburg sought to achieve the status of Citizen, and as a result went to serve his four years in service of Helreich. Matthias Reisenburg II sought to serve in the Reichsmarine and then leave to join civilian service for an additional four years. Due to the ongoing Pan-Anarian War, Matthias Reisenburg II chose to replace his four years of civilian service with four more years of military service.

Matthias Reisenburg in his years serving as a Captain in the Reichsmarine during the Pan-Anarian War.

Years in Hellish Gründer


Years in Commonwealth Gründer


Years as Anführer

Matthias Reisenburg was appointed by the National Gründer of Helreich as the xxth Anführer of Helreich and the xxth Anführer of the Stolvic Häverist Commonwealth on July 17th, 7562rh...

Popular opinion of Matthias Reisenburg has changed over his years as the Anführer. Appointed into office by being a moderate in the world of Häverist politics, Matthias entered his Anführership in a strong footing. Matthias Reisenburg's strongest political supporters were of those of the Häveristischese Zukunftsfähigkeit Partei and has maintained his position of power through clever political maneuvering between the Häveristischese Zukunftsfähigkeit Partei and the populists of the Stimme des Volkes Partei (Voice of the People Party), but mostly thought the strong backing of the Volksforum Volksleiter. Throughout most of his Anführership, Matthias has built up reputation of doing very little of consequence with the exception of the populace. As a result, many of the elite see his moves as only acting in the interest of the keeping himself in power.

Domestic Policy

In the domestic sphere, Matthias Reisenburg is known for being one of the most loved Anführers by the people and one of the most hated by the Gründer due to his heavy-handed methods of dealing with opposition from within the Commonwealth Gründer and Commonhold Gründers. Matthias is best known by his people-focused policies in regards to education and the bolstering and expansion of the Häverist Academia and the implementation of a more "supply and demand" focused energy economy, one even more market-focused than the reforms of his predecessor, Anführer XXXX XXXX. He is often seen as a listener to the people and meets often with Commonhold Forums to get the point-of-view of the people.

Further Reformation in the Distribution Apparatus

Expansion of the Häverist Academia

Furthering of the Urbanate and Arcology Programs throughout the Commonwealth

Foreign Policy

Upon being appointed Anführer, Matthias Reisenburg focused his foreign policy on maintaining the integrity of the Stolvic Häverist Commonwealth on the world stage while opposing the expanding power of The Bind and maintaining naval superiority within the Stolvic Ocean. Matthias Reisenburg also has been a strong supporter in the military due to his years of service during the Pan-Anarian War, and has dedicated a lot of resources to the Commonwealth's military, with significant development within the Reichsmarine and Luftmarine.

Containment of The Bind

Opening of Trade and Signing of the Non-Aggression Pact with Vittmark

In his earlier years of power, Matthias Reisenburg sought to warm relations with the newly created Stoldavic nation of Vittmark. In that effort, Matthias Reisenburg was convinced that by giving Vittmark the legal rights of Aschgæt Alliance-occupied Nelfesthal, he would be able to push the Vittish queen to distance her nation from the central Anarian powers of Auresia and Amberia. In February of 7569 rh, Matthias Reisenburg welcomed ambassadors from Vittmark to Hoffnung to negotiate the future of Nelfesthal and set the future relations between the Stolvic Häverist Commonwealth and Vittmark. During the weeks of negotiation, a non-aggression pact was signed by both nations that both de-militarized the border region and created a special economic zone between the nations along the border. Matthias Reisenburg also renounced the Stolvic Häverist Commonwealth's land rights to Nelfesthal. Other tenets within the pact include the following: a plan to open up Häverist-funded schools in Nelfesthal, creation of a cooperative police force for the special economic zone, and guarantees to 25% of coal and iron extracted from Nelfesthal.

Although seen by the rest of Anaria as a positive move, the warming of relations with Vittmark and the tolerance of Ashgaet Alliance troops in Stoldavia were not well received by many members of the Commonwealth Gründer. His tolerance of Auresian and Amberian troops in Vittmark is heavily criticized by the Stellist Häverist Party (SHP), who have made multiple moves to prevent him renewing his office. Even though the non-aggression pact brought a sense of peace for the Stolvic Häverist Commonwealth, the pact created many political enemies in the Gründer and the military, such as former Direktor Rudolf Steier of Mörenburg. In Steier's words, "[Matthias Reisenburg] legally signed away the lands of his ancestors to the very people who waged war against [Helreich]! For what? He solidified the border between Mörenburg and the Vittmark by placing the border inside Mörenburg. Matthias Reisenburg gave them legal grounds to occupy my people's lands!"

General Flag of Helreich, Seal of Helreich, Stolvic Häverist Commonwealth, Stoldavia
History of Helreich Orkanan Realm of Stoldavia, Feudal Helland, Greater Stoldavic Empire, Stellist Stoldavic Empire, New Stoldavic Empire, Tandem Wars, Häverist Revolution, Pan-Anarian War
Culture and Society

Languages: Stoldish, Cheltic, Wortsproke, Hallish
Religion: Stellist-Orkanan, Orkanan, The Faith

Government of Helreich

Institutions: Anführer (executive and co-legislative), National Gründer (administrative and co-legislative), Volksforum (regulatory), High Court of Hoffnung (judicial)
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Prominent Heerscharen: I Heerschar, V Heerschar, VII Heerschar, IX Heerschar

Famous people Historical: Fredrick Varen, Caroline Varen, Frederick Sävert III, Peter Häver, Heinrich Sterkal
Current: Matthias Reisenburg, Nikolaus Veidt, Hartwig Bremer, Richter Werden

Features: The Reikland, Reik River, Opal Gulf, Calcit Peninsula, Golden Peninsula, The Straights of the Three Sisters
States (Länder): Ayern, Dälburg, Hersfeld, Steinsen, Stetzen, Thronreich
Cities: Hoffnung (capital city), Südentor, Dinsmark, Ostberg, Einsamkeit, Grünberg

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