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Dr. Max Müller
Dr. Max Müller
Official portrait
Born 12 November 7553
Himmelstein, Helreich
Occupation Government official

Director of Research
In office
31 October 7579 - Present
Preceded by Office established
Succeeded by Incumbent

Dr. Max Müller is a Häverist revolutionary, political theorist, and politician. He was head of the Aedlish Häverist Party from 7572 to 7579. His theories on thermoeconomics are the foundation of a variant of Häverism known as Productive Häverism upon which the Aedelish Technate was founded. As director of the research office of the Aedelish Technate, he developed the controversial Forward Initiative.

His formulations for a more productive Häverist system were both a reaction to and a further development of the Theissian Reformations. Whereas reforms in Häverist Helreich decreased the power and control of the distribution apparatus and shifted the economy to a more supply and demand controlled economy, Productive Häverism called for the de-liberalization of market based reforms in favor of accomadating foreign trade through a gold-backed commodity based currency and incentivising productivity through quantatative productivity distributions and qualitative validation distributions.

Early Life and Education

Born into a wealthy new class family at Himmelstein to Friedrich Müller and Stella Handler. His father, younger brother of the third Anführer Herald Müller, was a physicist and his mother, who was 20 years younger and his third wife, a theoretical mathmatician. The family moved to Hoffnung when he was three. As a youth, he was exposed to some of the greatest thinkers of the Häverist Commonwealth and was admitted to the Häverist Academia a year early.

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