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Mellanhand Orkanan is the main traditional interventionist branch of Orkanan. It is commonly practiced in large parts of Stoldavia, as well as in eastern Thultannia. It is the majority religion in nations like Vittmark and Halland while there are large minorities in United Royal Provinces and Mörenburg, as well as in neighboring regions.


Mellanhand is mainly known as the dominant branch of Orkanan during the Greater Stoldavic Empire. The branch is named after Prince Råger Mellanhand who laid the foundations of the empire with his (then) modernist interpretations of The Scriptures. It was the driving force behind Stoldavic conquest and economic growth between 7100 and 7300. In these branches, the king as national leader is seen as a naturally chosen or appointed guide towards Vinds masterplan. The king´s powers are usually absolute, since worldly leadership and religious guidance are closely related.

Self appointed leaders claimed heritage to the Mellanhand tradition after the fall of the empire, resulting in a scattered manifestation. For a long time, Mörenburg was the main Mellanhand nation with over 20 million followers. That legacy got destroyed by the Wolgos occupation between 7548 and 7553 and Häverist tendencies to promote Stellism. This makes the Hallinger Stift of Halland the largest congregation at the moment with nearly 13 million followers.

During recent years, integration has been going on since the foundation of Vittmark as a nation state in the core area of Mellanhand. The 8 million followers are still scattered across four large congregations. Fjällsta Stift is not seen as a Mellanhand branch, even though its moral system and religious rituals are as good as identical.

Mellanhand Stifts

Most Mellanhand Stifts coincide with nation states. In some cases, communities on the other side of the border might associate themselves witha foreign Stift for historical reasons. The Stifts respond very differently to these foreign affiliations. Vittmark still has a multitude of Stifts, since the leading Kulla-Östvallen Stift has not yet managed to unify all the Mellanhand Orkanans into it.

Flag Nation Stift name Stift seat Followers
Hagne Storstift (Hagen) Vittmark Hagneå 2,072,000
Hallinger Stift Halland TBA 12,960,000
Iunsala Stift of Ådalen Vittmark Äs 1,658,000
Kulla-Östervallen Storstift Vittmark Östervallen 1,586,000
Månsta Stift of Liden Vittmark Månsta 3,068,000
The Meenship Halland TBA 7,958,000
Möre Stift Mörenburg Mörenburg 7,180,000
Sunna Stift Vittmark (mainly) Skara 58,000
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