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The military awards and decorations of Stachelort serve to recognize exceptional service, bravery, and heroism of members of the military of Stachelort. They are awarded to individuals on the basis of qualifying events or actions, either of an on-going, extended nature or particularly meritorious nature.


Current awards and decorations

Military medals

Legion des Greifs
(Legion of the Griffin)
(Gallantry Triskelle)
Ehre Triskelle
(Honor Triskelle)

The Republic of Stachelort has several current awards and decorations. There are specific criteria and procedures for recommending and granting of each award and decoration.[1]

Ribbon Name (Hallish/Stoldish) Created Awarded for
For valor, gallantry, and honor
Legion of the Griffin
Legion des Greifs
July 15, 7545 Exceptionally brave and valorous service in combat.
Gallantry Triskelle (Navy)
Gallanterietriskelle der Kriegsflotte
July 15, 7545 Conspicuous and exceptional gallantry in combat.
Gallantry Triskelle (Army)
Gallanterietriskelle der Streitkraft
Gallentry Triskelle (Sky Armada)
Gallanterietriskelle der Luftflotte
Honor Triskelle with Swords
Ehretriskelle mit Schwertern
July 15, 7545 Exceptional and valorous service in combat
Honor Triskelle
July 15, 7545 Exceptional and valorous service during peacetime or not in combat
For merit
War Merit Medal
July 15, 7499 Exceptional and meritorious service in wartime
  • Gold (ribbon: gold oakleaves with swords, shown)
  • Silver (ribbon: silver oakleaves with swords)
  • Bronze (no ribbon device)
Military Merit Medal
Militärische Verdienstmedaille
July 15, 7545 Exceptional and meritorious service during peace time
  • Gold (ribbon: gold oakleaves)
  • Silver (ribbon: silver oakleaves, shown)
  • Bronze (ribbon: bronze oakleave)
For faithful service
Military Service Medal
May 2, 7447 Completion of faithful and honorable service
  • Gold—30 years (ribbon: gold oakleaves)
  • Silver—20 years (ribbon: silver oakleaves)
  • Bronze—10 years (ribbon: bronze oakleaves, shown)
  • Black—2 years[a] (no ribbon device)

War service awards

Decoration Name (Hallish/Stoldish) Created Awarded for
Wound Badge
July 20, 7446 Wounds received during combat in wartime
  • Gold—5 or more injuries or death
  • Silver—3 or 4 injuries or loss of a limb or eyesight (shown)
  • Bronze—1 or 2 injuries
Naval Combat Badge
July 9, 7447 Actions in combat at sea
  • Gold—12 or more engagements against the enemy (shown)
  • Silver—6 to 11 engagements against the enemy
  • Bronze—3 to 5 engagements against the enemy or ship sunk during engagement
Close Combat Badge
December 26, 7498 Actions in close-in or hand-to-hand combat with enemy forces
  • Gold—60 or more days
  • Silver—30 to 59 days (shown)
  • Bronze—15 to 29 days

Former orders of merit

The reigning Duke of Duchy of Stachelort and four of the six ruling margraves granted membership in an order of merit. The orders served to recognize honors bestowed by the ruler on deserving individuals for their achievement and service. Although no longer granted, members may wear their orders on their military uniforms.[2] Additionally, members may continue use of the post-nominals for all legal purposes.[3]

Ribbon Name (Hallish/Stoldish) Ranks (Post-nominals) Founded Granted by Notes

Order of the Golden Griffin
Ordnung des goldenen Greifs
  • Grand Star (GGGS)
  • Knight 1st Class (GGR)
  • Knight 2nd Class (GGR)
  • Officer (GGO)
  • Member (GGM)
August 28, 7159 Duke of Stachelort Founded by Duke Eduard Luitger to recognize faithful service and allegiance during the War of Restitution of 7158-59. The original award was made the Grand Star (ribbon shown, top) by Duke Peter Luitger in 7218 when he added the Knight classes. The Knight 1st class ribbon bears a gold oakleaf wreath (shown, bottom) and the Knight 2nd class ribbon bears a silver oakleaf wreath. Duke Alexander Luiger added the Officer class (ribbon bears a bronze oakleaf wreath) in 7305. The final Member class, with no ribbon device was added in 7448 by Duke Ruprecht Luitger.
Order of the Griffin
Ordnung des Greifen
  • Knight Commander (RKG)
  • Knight (RG)
  • Officer (OG)
  • Member (MG)
September 15, 7218 Margrave of Brücht Founded by Margrave Adolphus I
Legion of the Bear
Legion des Bären
  • Knight Commander (RKB)
  • Knight (RB)
  • Officer (LB)
January 8, 7295 Margrave of Vestanfell Founded by Margrave Reinhard zu Romilda
Order of the Eagle
Ordnung des Adlers
  • Grand Knight (GRA)
  • Knight (RA)
  • Officer (OA)
  • Member (MA)
August 15, 7319 Margrave of Nordrisland Founded by Margrave Rainer III in one class. Grand Knight was added in 7349; officer and member classes were added in 7446.
Order of the Edelweiss
Ordnung des Edelweißes
  • Grand Commander (GOE)
  • Commander (KOE)
  • Lieutenant (LOE)
  • Companion (BOE)
February 27, 7327 Margrave of Hoystraland Founded by Margrave Timotheus

Former awards and decorations

Several awards and decorations were presented by the Republic and the predecessor Duchy of Stachelort and its margraviates that are no longer awarded or have been superseded. The duchy also awarded wound, close combat, and naval warfare badges and service medals. Former awards and decorations remain valid and authorized for wear even though they are no longer presented.[4]

Duchy awards and decorations

Ribbon Name (Hallish/Stoldish) Created Awarded for
For gallantry
Naval Gallantry Medal
Marinegallanterie Medaille
November 22, 7446 Gallantry and bravery during combat at sea
Army Gallantry Medal
Armeegallanterie Medaille
November 22, 7446 Gallantry and bravery during combat
For merit and distinction
Medal of Merit
August 2, 7450 Meritorious service in peacetime or not in combat
  • Gold (ribbon: gold oakleaves, shown)
  • Silver (ribbon: silver oakleaves)
  • Bronze (ribbon: bronze oakleaves)
Medal of Distinction
August 2, 7450 Service of distinction beyond the call of duty
  • Gold (ribbon: gold pip)
  • Silver (ribbon: silver pip, shown)
  • Bronze (no ribbon device)
For participation in a designated campaign
Eastern Campaign Medal
Östliche Wahlkampfmedaille
December 12, 7447 Service in Anarian combat zones and adjacent seas during the First Tandem War between March 15, 7446 and August 2, 7449
Southern Campaign Medal
Südliche Wahlkampfmedaille
December 12, 7447 Service in D'Runian combat zones and adjacent seas during the First Tandem Wars between February 16, 7447 and August 31, 7449
Eight Years Campaign Medal
Achtyahre Wahlkampfmedaille
January 16, 7466 Service in a combat zone or engagements at sea during the Eight Years War of the Tandem Wars between October 3, 7465 and May 14, 7473
Medio Campaign Medal
Mittel Wahlkampfmedaille
October 12, 7498 Service in a central Anarian combat zone and adjacent seas during the Pan-Anarian War between April 7, 7498 and April 14, 7522
D'Runian Campaign Medal
D'Runische Wahlkampfmedaille
May 28, 7513 Service in a D'Runian combat zone and adjacent seas during the Pan-Anarian War between April 1, 7513 and December 20, 7546[b]
Oceans Campaign Medal
Ozeanes Wahlkampfmedaille
October 22, 7532 Service in naval engagements at sea outside the Medio and D'Runian theaters during the Pan-Anarian War between January 1, 7520 and December 20, 7546[b]

March awards and decorations

Each of the marches had awards and decorations they presented to army personnel up until the formation of the Republic of Stachelort in 7545 after the Preservationist Coup. At that time, the marches were removed from authority over military affairs and personnel.

  • Military Merit Medal (Militärische Verdienstmedaille)—silver, gold
  • Military Honor Medal (Militärische Ehrenstmedaille—silver, gold
  • Warrior Merit Medal (Krieger Verdienstmedaille)
  • Colonial Medal (Kolonialmedaille)
  • Military Merit Medal—bronze, silver, gold
  • Graf Werther Triskelle
  • Otto Klaus Medal
  • War Merit Triskelle (Krieger Verdiensttriskelle)—bronze, silver, gold
  • War Merit Triskelle—bronze, silver, gold
  • Military Merit Medal—bronze, silver, gold
  • Field Service Medal (Außendienstmedaille)
  • Merit Triskelle with Swords (Verdiensttriskelle mit Schwertern)—silver, gold
  • War Merit Medal (Kriegsverdienstmedaille)—bronze, silver, gold
  • Merit Triskelle (Verdiensttriskelle)—silver, gold
  • Military Merit Medal—bronze, silver, gold
  • Mountain Warfare Badge (Bergkriegsabzeichen)
  • War Honor Medal (Kriegsehremedaille)—silver, gold
  • Military Honor Medal—silver, gold
  • Military Merit Meda6
  • Honor Medal ('Ehrenmedaille)
  • Military Medical Medal (Militärische medizinische Medaille)

Order of precedence

Currently, the order of precedence[5] is a mixture of current Republic of Stachelort and former Duchy of Stachelort and margraviate orders, awards, and decorations. In general, current bravery awards rank highest, with former orders ranking higher than meritorious awards, and combat awards taking precedence over similar non-combat recognitions. When an award has gold, silver, bronze, or black classes, they take precedence over each other in that order. In the following list, decorations are current national awards unless the former Duchy and margraviate are indicated parenthetically.

  • Legion of the Griffin
  • Gallantry Triskelle
    • Navy
    • Army
    • Sky Armada
  • Honor Triskelle
    • With Swords
    • Without Swords
  • Wound Badge
  • War Merit Medal
  • Military Merit Medal
  • Order of the Golden Griffin (Duchy)
  • Gallantry Medal (Duchy)
    • Navy
    • Army
  • Orders of the Marches
    • Order of the Griffin (Brücht)
    • Legion of the Bear (Vestanfell)
    • Order of the Eagle (Nordrisland)
    • Order of the Edelweiß (Hoystraland)
  • Naval Combat Badge
  • Close Combat Badge
  • Medal of Merit (Duchy)
  • Medal of Distinction (Duchy)
  • Military Honor Medal (Brücht)
  • War Honor Medal (Vestanfell)
  • Otto Klaus Medal (Leefit)
  • Graf Werther Triskelle (Hoystraland)
  • Military Honor Medal (Vestanfell)
  • Honor Medal (Vestanfell)
  • Warrior Merit Medal (Brücht)
  • Merit Triskelle with Swords (Nordrisland)
  • War Merit Triskelle (Leefit)
  • War Merit Triskelle (Nesterland)
  • War Merit Medal (Nordrisland)
  • Military Merit Medal (Brücht)
  • Military Merit Medal (Vestanfell)
  • Merit Triskelle (Nordrisland)
  • Military Merit Medal (Nesterland)
  • Military Merit Medal (Hoystraland)
  • Military Merit Medal (Nordrisland)
  • Campaign Medals
    • Tandem Wars Eastern Campaign (Duchy)
    • Tandem Wars Southern Campaign (Duchy)
    • Tandem Wars Eight Years Campaign (Duchy)
    • Pan-Anarian War Medio Campaign (Duchy)
    • Pan-Anarian War D'Runian Campaign (Duchy)[c]
    • Pan-Anarian War Oceans Campaign (Duchy)[c]
  • Military Service Medal
  • Colonial Medal (Brücht)
  • Field Service Medal (Nesterland)
  • Military Medical Medal (Vestanfell)

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  1. ^ Two years of military service satisfies the compulsory service (Stoldish: Staatsdienst) requirement.
  2. ^ A Military High Command Order of the Day (Tagesordnung) extended the elegibility periods for the D'Runian and Oceans Campaign Medals beyond the original ending date of July 7, 7545, due to the Aschgæt Alliance maintaining its blockade despite Stachelort's withdrawel from the the Pan-Anarian War on that date. (Order of the Day, January 2, 7547, paragraph III-A-9)
  3. ^ Although Stachelort withdrew from the Pan-Anarian War after the Preservationist Coup which ended the ducal government, the new government continued to award Oceans and D'Runian Campaign Medals to ensure all eligible persons were recognized.


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