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Stachelortan Armed Forces
Emblem of Stachelort military
Military Branches
Sky Armada
Military Manpower
Military age 18
Availability 18-45: 6,226,985
Fit for Military Service 18-45: 5,074,992
Annual Amount Standard
Percent of GDP%

The Staatskorps (Hallish: State Corps) are the military of Stachelort, providing armed forces to protect Stachelort sovereignty, both domestically and abroad. The Autokrat is the supreme commander. Directly subordinate to him are the appointed Military Commandant (Stoldish: Militärischeskommandant) and commandants of each service: Navy, Army, and Sky Armada. The current military chief of the Staatskorps is Grand Admiral Oswald Walter von Suß.



There are three military services in Stachelort consisting of sea forces, land forces, and air forces. The service branches are subordinate to the Military High Command (Stoldish: Militärischesoberkommando or MOK) which provides overall command, control, planning, and resourcing.

Grand Admiral Oswald von Suß, Military Commandant

Military High Command

Die Zitadelle, headquarters of the Military High Command.

Headquartered in Die Zitadelle (Hallish: The Citadel) in Seetor, Brücht, the Military High Command consists of the State Strategic Staff (Stoldish: Staatsstratigischestab) and the necessary personnel to conduct, coordinate, and fulfill strategic military planning. Numerous staff officers specialize in matters of personnel, intelligence, operations, and supply. The Citadel also houses various offices for administration of the military.

State Strategic Staff

The State Strategic Staff serves as the subject matter experts for the Autokrat and Military Commandant, as well as the commandants of the services. The Chief of Staff (Stabschef), currently Marshal Tiemo Bernhard Stuhr, directs the work of the staff. Strategic staffs at the service branch and subordinate levels follow the same basic organizational design as the State Strategic Staff.[1]

  • Department I—Operations
    • Section Ia—Home defense
    • Section Ib—Colonial defense
    • Section Ic—Defense at sea
  • Department II—Foreign capabilities
  • Department III—Quartermaster
    • Section IIIa—Personnel
    • Section IIIb—Mess and quarters
    • Section IIIc—Farriers
    • Section IIId—Ordnance
    • Section IIIe—Engineering and fortifications
    • Section IIIf—Signals
    • Section IIIg—Transportation
  • Department IV—Operational studies
    • War Insitute (Kriegsinstitut)
    • Section IVb—Military history
    • Section IVc—Archives and library
    • Section IVd—Contingency planning
    • Section IVe—Wargaming and maneuvers
Military zones

Each march represents a military zone, as does each naval fleet, resulting in nine military zones. The land zones include their littoral areas and navigable waterways so there is some overlap with the naval fleet zones. In wartime, the civilian Waterways Watch, which has responsibility for these areas in peacetime, will likely be seconded to the navy. Each zone has a commandant and Zonal Strategic Staff (Stoldish: Zonalestrategischestab) with responsibility for military planning and operations in their zone.[2]

Zone Zone description
1 Brücht
2 Vestanfell
3 Nordrisland
4 Leefit
5 Nesterland
6 Hoystraland
7 Fleet West
8 Fleet East
9 Fleet South


Main article: Stachelortan Navy

The Stachelortan Navy (Stoldish: Kriegsflotte), under direction of the Naval High Command (Stoldish: Hoheskommando die Kriefsflotte or HKK), protects the country's coasts and its interests abroad. The navy has 129 commissioned ships organized into three fleets—West, East, and South—and three flotillas—Flag, Reserve, and Training. The navy also has numerous support vessels ranging from tugs to freighters to oilers. Grand Admiral Sepp Erhard von Spiess is the current Commandant and Commanding Admiral.


Main article: Stachelortan Army

Units of the Stachelortan Army (Stoldish: Streitkraft) have charge of defending the homeland as well as colonial holdings in Aziland. The army also serves to advance Stachelortan interests abroad whenever called upon to do so. A Marshal commands army forces with the assistance of the Army High Command (Stoldish: Hoheskommando der Streitkraft or HKS). Grand Marshal Hendrik Gustaf Geisler is the current Commandant and Commanding Marshal.

The primary tactical unit of the army is the regiment, of which there are 254. Each march has, historically, raised and supported its own regiments. Today's regiments still carry their lineage and honors and retain ties to their local communities. For more strategic purposes, the regiments are organized into 123 brigades which are further grouped into 27 divisions. In addition to these forces comprising the Home Armies, an additional 51 regiments (26 brigades) of largely indigenous people make up the Territorial Army in the protectorate of Aziland. Stachelortan officers oversee the Territorial Army.

Sky Armada

Main article: Stachelortan Sky Armada

As the newest military branch, the Stachelortan Sky Armada (Luftflotte) provides observation, skyborne munitions, air superiority, and aerial transport in support of sea and land forces. A Grand Sky Admiral commands the Sky Armada with the assistance of the Sky Armada High Command (Stoldish: Hoheskommando die Luftflotte or HKL). The current Commandant and Commanding Sky Admiral is Grand Sky Admiral Rudi Jost von Vieth.


All males in Stachelort must fulfill compulsory state service (Stoldish: Staatsdienst), begun by the year in which they turn 18 years of age, unless deferred for university education. Military service is the most common means of completing state service and provides the service branches with the largest block of manpower. In the Home Armies, Navy, and Sky Armada, state service lasts two years. In the Territorial Army, state service is one year long. After state service, a person may remain in the military or muster out. Those who stay in the military are eligible to become sub-officers or officers if they have the appropriate intelligence and aptitude. They may also become specialists in more technical or challenging fields of work in support of the fighting forces.


Military personnel must comply with uniform and appearance requirements in the "Prescription concerning uniforms and appearance" (Militarverordnung III-A-12). Uniforms display the wearer's rank, arm, and branch of service. If applicable, the uniform may include a qualification badge or cufftitle with unit, vessel, or air craft of assignment.


Main article: Uniforms of the Stachelortan military

Military personnel wear uniforms. The service and dress uniforms are issued to all personnel. Personnel may purchase the ceremonial uniforms for wear when authorized. Officers may purchase the mess dress uniform to wear in lieu of the dress uniform for formal affairs such as dinners.


Rank structure for Stachelort's military has its basis in the ranks from the days of the Greater Stoldavic Empire, the more senior of which represented minor nobility. As a result, the ranks are similar to those in other Stoldavian militaries, but the guild system of Stachelort has also had an influence. There are three primary categories of rank: officers, sub-officers, and enlisted. The officer ranks are further divided into flag officers (admirals and marshals) and field officers.[3]

Insignia Army Navy Sky Armada
Flag officers
Grand Marshal Grand Marshal
Grand Admiral
Grand Sky Admiral
Marshal Marshal
Sky Admiral
Field officers
Colenl of Artillery Colonel
Sky Captain
Captain of Engineers Captain
Sky Commander
Lieutenant of Cavalry Lieutenant
Sky Lieutenant
Master Sergeant (Infantry) Master Sergeant
Master Petty Officer
Master Petty Officer
Sergeant (Signals) Sergeant
Petty Officer
Petty Officer
Corporal (Medical) Corporal
Master Seaman
Master Skyman
Specialist (Cavalry) Specialist
Able Seaman
Able Skyman
Soldier (Artillery) Soldier
N/A Apprentice
Apprentice Seaman
Seemann Lehrling
Apprentice Skyman
Luftsmann Lehrling

Awards and decorations

Main article: Military awards and decorations of Stachelort

Stachelort recognizes faithful service, gallantry, and bravery with several different medals and awards. The highest award is the Legion of the Griffin. All personnel who satisfactorily complete their two years of compulsory service receive recognition in the form of the Military Service Medal, which also has classes for 10, 20, and 30 years' faithful service.[4]


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