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Pleneria Wines

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Stock Exchange
 • Stock Symbol
The Imperial Exchange
Date Founded 7504
Head Offices Valance, Anisora
Key People Founder: Gaius Lucca Pleneria
Current President: Mario Vitelli
Primary Industry Wine production and distribution
Major Products Wines, whiskies and spirits
Revenue N/A
Employees N/A
Owned By

The Pleneria Wine Company (Pastanan: Plenerianum Vinum), or Pleneria Wines is an Anisoran wine production and distribution corporation, head-quartered at Valance, Anisora. It is the largest wine and alcoholic beverage producer in Anaria and owns vineyards across Anisora, Anaria and elsewhere in Gotha.

The company produces world famous vintages and is one of the largest exporters from Anisora to the Anarian and wider markets. It is best known as the producer of the famous Mera Vallis wine, the company's main wine brand. The company also produces spirits and whiskies.


The company was founded in 7504 by Gaius Lucca Pleneria, a vineyard owner in Pastana Province, north of Valance. Already established as a traditional region for wine production, Pleneria sought to expand his holdings and bought out his nearest neighbour, almost doubling his production capacity. Over the next few years Pleneria wines became more and more sought after, supplying a steady market at Valance of increasingly wealthy and noble customers.

As the family business grew and became more famous, Pleneria continued to buy up prime vineyards in Pastana Province. The increased production enabled him to begin selling the wine to the wider Anisoran market, after significant demand for the wines at the Imperial Capital, Pena.

By 7537, Pleneria Wine Company was one of the largest vineyard owners in Anisora and began exporting. Following Gaius Lucca's death in 7539, his son Titus Lucca Pleneria succeeded him as President and continued to expand the business. However, Pleneria's other children, who received shares in the company, slowly began to sell theirs off. By 7546 Titus Lucca stepped down as President in favour of Mario Gemmas. Over the course of Gemmas' leadership, the company more than doubled its production and began buying foreign vineyards and production facilities, especially in Ardennes. The company also began producing and distributing other alcoholic beverages, particularly whiskey.

The Company currently operates around Gotha, with offices and warehouses in many countries, supplying the ever growing demand for Anisoran wine. The Company became one of the first businesses to make a presence in the newly allocated port concession of Talpei in Vittmark. The newly opened up Vittmarker market has so far proved lucrative for the company, enabling them to export significant quantities of wines and spirits to the region. Pleneria Wines is one of the largest employers in the Anisoran concession territory.


Pleneria Wines produce a great number of products. The largest by far is bottled and casketed wine, followed by whiskey and other spirits. The products currently sold by the Company are as follows:

  • Mera Vallis (Mera Valley) (MVV)- the company's main label brand of wine. The brand incorporates a number of specific red vintages mainly from Pastana Province in Anisora.
  • Imperios (IV) - Favourite of royalty and the wealthy, this extremely sought after red is from the original vineyards of the Pleneria family in Pastana.
  • Lolamio Vinum (OV) - a crisp white wine from northern Occidens Province, Anisora.
  • Popollia (AV)- a sweet red from the vineyards of Western Ardennes
  • Amarelli (OV) - a deep and fruity red from the fields of Occidens.
  • Shintineto (PIV)- a rare sweet white produced on the Pequinella islands.
  • Vinorio – (AV) a sharp red from Ardennes.
  • Amalafium (SV) – a deep and rich red from Pastana
  • Marsium Ruber (Marsium Red) (MV)- a full and ripe red from southern Pastana.
  • Delmo (PMD)- a rich and sweet whiskey produced in Pastana Province
  • Dannanon (PPD) - a smoky whiskey produced in Alcannora Province, Anisora.
  • Sellarion (PMD)- an Anisoran gin produced from juniper berries of Occidens Province.

The Pleneria Wine Company categorises its products, in particular its wine, by geographical vintage labels. These labels are the company’s hallmarks of their products’ quality and authenticity. The vintage labels appear on all Pleneria products and are as follows:

  • Pleneria Estate Vintage (PEV)
  • Mera Vallis Vintage (MVV)
  • Imperial Vintage (IV)
  • Occidens Vintage (OV)
  • Pequinella Islands Vintage (PIV)
  • Shallaen Vintage (SV) – northern Pastana Province
  • Merissa Vintage (MV) – southern Pastana Province
  • Ardennes Vintage (AV)
  • Pleneria Pena Distillery (PPD) – whiskey produced at the distillery in Pena
  • Pleneria Meina Distillery (PMD) – whiskey produced at the distillery in Meina, Anisora

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