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Benvenuto nel Portale Anisora
A map of the Anisoran Empire

The Anisoran Empire (Anisoran: Impero Anisorano; Pastanan: Imperium Anisoranum), commonly known as Anisora, is a constitutional federal monarchy situated in central-western Anaria bordering the Medio Sea. The Empire is separated by the Sea of Cestarena and the Medio Sea into two parts, the Eastern and Western regions. The majority of Anisoran land and population is situated in the West in Anaria Minor, where the North Bhazen Mountains form the western border of the Empire. The remainder of Anisoran territory is made up of hundreds of Median islands as well as the entire Cadrai Peninsula, commonly known as Pastana, which extends out from Northern Anaria Major and borders Ardennes. The Empire covers an area of 776,597 km² (299,846 sq mi) and has a highly diverse climate, due to the Empire's geographic spread across the Medio and Anaria Minor. With over 46 million inhabitants it is currently the third most populous nation in Anaria.

According to the constitution, Anisora is a federal constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary system of government. The current monarch is Emperor Marius III, who has reigned since 7553. The Empire is made up of 41 Constituent States, most of which are ruled by royal families. These include four Grand Principalities, eight Principalities, two Arch-duchies, seventeen Duchies, four Dependent Islands, and six Free Cities. The largest of which is the Grand Principality of Casella and has remained the most politically dominant state since the Empire's foundation. The capital of Anisora and its largest city is Pena, which is also the capital of Casella. Other major cities include Valance, Arrento, Tenalevan, Pilano, Valamaggiore, Marocida and Pandagna.

In 7367 Anisora became a nation state when Marius Decus won the Anisoran Civil War and was crowned Emperor of the Anisorans, uniting the Dual Kingdom of Casella and Pastana with most of the Anisoran speaking lands in Tova and the Confederation of Vetriano under a single constitution. The establishment of the Empire was the fulfilment of long-held desires to see an Anisoran state realised with the rise of Anisoran nationalism during the 73rd century. During the Marian Era under the successive rule of Marius I and Marius II, Anisoran power increased in Anaria Minor and the Medio Sea, which brought Anisora into conflict with other great powers including Auresia, Amberia, Anat Tahan and Becuvitatia. Although much of the territory gained in Anaria-Minor was ultimately lost after the Pan-Anarian War, Anisora remains a great Anarian power today, and has recently recovered from many post-war economic hardships.

Featured article
Anisoran Chamber of Deputies

The Anisoran Chamber of Deputies is the lower house in the tricameral Parliament of the Anisoran Empire, the upper house being the Federal Assembly and the middle house being the Imperial Senate. The Chamber of Deputies' members are known as deputati (singular: deputato/deputata), meaning 'deputy' or 'elected delegate', bearing the postnominals DC (Deputato/Deputata della Camera).

The Chamber of Deputies is an elected body consisting of 440 members, with 221 required for a majority. Deputies are elected to represent constituencies in each of the 41 constituent states of the Anisoran Empire by a first-past-the-post system and hold their seats until the Chamber is dissolved by the emperor. The Chamber is presided over by the President of the Chamber (currently Sir Adriano Lamoretti-Porviana, PL), normally drawn from the largest party represented, assisted by the Speaker (currently Giuliano Montecorva, PN) who is conventionally drawn from the Official Opposition party, although sometimes from another opposition party.

The term of the Chamber of Deputies is five years. However, the emperor may dissolve the chamber (thereby calling for fresh elections) at anytime - with the prime minister retaining the right to ask the emperor to dissolve the Chamber should an election be desirable for the current government. The prime minister is appointed by the emperor and is normally the leader of the largest party in the Chamber, or the leader of the party most likely to command a majority in a coalition government (although this is not always the case). The prime minister need not sit in the Chamber as a member, but they must have a seat in either the Federal Assembly or Imperial Senate.

Featured biography
Giuliana Terranova-Valareno, Countless of Bonaldo

Tina Giuliana Terranova-Valareno, 6th Countess of Bonaldo, is an Anisoran Liberal politician and peer who has served as the President of the Imperial Senate and the Lord Privy Seal since 7574. She also served as Tribune for Federal Affairs between 7565 and 7570 during the first ministry of Anisoran prime minister Alessandro Nicotera-Sarno and has remained one of his core supporters for decades.

She is the first woman in Anisoran history to hold three of the most senior positions in the Anisoran government and, alongside her fellow Liberal Tiberia Lingario, has been one of the main advocates for women's rights in post-War Anisora. She is a prolific writer and has written extensively on the subject of women's rights, among many other subjects including military intervention, the slave trade, and the oil industry. She is well known as an excellent orator and remains a popular speaker across the nation's universities as well as abroad and is generally regarded as one of the most popular Liberal politicians in the Nicotera-Sarno government. Nevertheless, accusations of war profiteering during the Pan-Anarian War continue to dog her political career, and have particularly hurt her popularity since the 7579 federal election.

Featured quote
God doesn't care about you. Once you understand that, life is a lot simpler.

- Edgardo Barsotti-Vaccaro, The Apathetic God; The Apathetic Self (7557)

Featured picture
The Battle of Pamdo Bay, M. Giulio Pandagna (7398)

The Battle of Pamdo Bay by the Casellan artist M. Giulio Pandagna (7398).

In the news
March 7580

10 February 7580

December 7579

  • Emperor of the Anisorans Marius III attends an international conference concerning the archaeological status of Skiöldavik.

7 October 7579

10 April 7579

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The poet Aullus
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