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featured picture image = Lakeside_Sakuras.jpg |
featured picture image = Lakeside_Sakuras.jpg |
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featured picture image descriptor = A glade of Sakura trees by a lake in Ikhisa. |
featured picture image descriptor = A glade of Sakura trees by a lake in Ikhisa. |

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Welcome to the Kamura Portal
Hokasgedin Kamuraavan Kapi
Flag of the Kamuran Empire

The Empire of Kamura (ᠵᠠᠷ‍ᠦᠮᠺᠠ ᠢᠦ‍ᠲᠠᠻᠠ / Khatuni Kamuraav), known colloquially as Kamura (ᠷ‍ᠦᠮᠺᠠ ), is a nation situated on the islands of the Kamuran Archipelago and spread across various adjacent areas of Western Davai. Kamura, counting it's integral heartlands which include the isles and nearby coasts, has an area 1,349,045 km² and a population of 72.4 million. The 'Home Islands' of Kamura form a long chain that strands the gap between the Kisaga Peninsula and the Janbian Peninsula separating the Samu and Sensumi Seas, around which most mainland ports of Western Davai are placed, from the open waters of the Shangti Ocean. As such Kamura's position grants it exclusive, uninhibited access to the Shangti Circular Current which gives it a significant trade advantage in the region and has fostered the development of one of Gotha's most preeminent maritime nations.

Kamura is considered to be a newly industrialised country, though industrial processes have been in practice as early as the 7300's as a product of technologies acquired from Ithrien. Kamura has a GDP of 1.49 billion which ranks it as one of Gotha's largest economies. It maintains it's longstanding monopoly over Tran-Shangti trade and Kamuran commerce dominates West Davaian markets. It's standard of living has increased dramatically in recent times and it's armed forces have modernised to a significant degree with it's navy once again being one of the most capable in Gotha.

According to the Kamuran Calendar the current year is 914 SK (as of 7580 RH).

Featured article
The Goddess Keija

Kamuran Celestialism (Gokraavan Yol - The Heavenly Way) is the official religion of the Empire of Kamura and most widely practised among the Sriaav people. It is a dualistic religion with syncretic elements merging ancient Yaemic traditions with Shuocian totemic beliefs. Followers of this religion worship two deities, one female and one male. The Celestial Mother, a goddess named Keija, is considered an active divine entity who attends to creation through occasional intervention and the blessing of totems while the Celestial Father, a god named Otokai, is considered to be a 'shattered' or dead god who has left divine signs behind that can be seen in the Mortal Realm.

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A glade of Sakura trees by a lake in Ikhisa.

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