Prince Vettius, Duke of Jelumbria

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Marcus Vettius Decus
Marcus Vettius Decus
'Classis' Portrait, 7557
Born 17th July 7528
Latiarum Palace, Pena, Anisora
Died {{{death_date}}}
Occupation Military Officer

First Lord High Admiral
In office
3rd October 7557 - Present
Preceded by Lucius Raphael Decus
Succeeded by Incumbent

Prince Marcus Vettius Decus, Duke of Jelumbria (born 17th June 7528) is a senior memeber of the Anisoran imperial family and the current First Lord High Admiral (Anisoran: Primo Padrone Alto Ammiraglio) of the Anisoran Imperial Navy. He is the younger brother of the Anisoran emperor Marius III. He was elected into the Brother-elect position on 3rd October 7557 upon the death of his uncle Lucius Raphael Decus and has since headed the Imperial Navy for the last 14 years, with the honorary rank of Admiral of the Fleet. He is a member of the Imperial House of Decus.

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