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In order to keep Gotha functioning properly certain basic rules must be in place. These rules guide and govern the members of Gotha, ensuring that nations and concepts are believable while determining the ways in which members interact. All nations and members associated with Gotha are required to conform to these rules.




Mutual respect is the most important rule. Respect each other and what they have people have created, Gotha is a game of “concept development involving plot and story”, and “quality interactions”. When asked by others to critique work be honest yet respectful in tone and try to offer solutions. Intentionally breaking the respect rule more than once may result in expulsion.


No pofanities directed toward others will be tolerated.

Real World Symbolism

No nation may make use of pictures, symbols, words or other elements of a culture that can be directly tied to a group that expresses opinions that are contrary to the spirit of respect that Gotha is based upon.


While it might be safe to think of Gotha as rated "NC-17", some in-game story lines and cultural descriptions may contain mature subject matter such as; human rights infringements, violence, sex, aberrational behavior, drug use, etc. These should not be used gratuitously. Please consult with a parent if you are under the age of 18. Members of this site will not be held responsible for claims of exposure to inappropriate material.


Members are not to make claims about or interfere with another member's nation or concepts without either getting previous approval or being prepared to fully back off immediately once the other member informs them that they do not approve.


If a nation-holding member is not heard from for more than 90 days their territory will default to temporary non-member status for one month in which time attempts will be made to contact them. After this period, said nation will be assessed for the value of its role in regional history and be either reassigned in total to be fostered by another member or members, broken up and redistributed to neighboring nations or returned to the pool of unclaimed territories.


Expulsion is never taken lightly, but sometimes is necessary. Intentionally breaking the rules will result in an administrator reprimand (with evidence of misconduct). Repeated breaking of rules will result in a second administrator reprimand. After two administrator reprimands within a period of a year, a third breaking of rules will result in a public vote on the player's expulsion on the forum for a period of one week. After one week, the vote will close with the public majority being the deciding factor of the player's expulsion along with an unanimous administrator vote.


Territories can have several classifications which define their in-game status.


The most important of these territories are the Homelands which make up your nations core and heartland. Assigning territories will be done on a case by case basis and take into consideration one's past geofiction experience along with a proposed concept and how it fits into Gotha.

After your concept is submitted and reviewed you will receive the go ahead or a counter proposal with some suggestions. While we strive to be even handed, remember than not all nations can be large and that size does not dictate the level of fulfillment or the creative options available to you. We operate on a first come, first served basis contingent on a conceptual agreement. Players may have only one primary nation. No secondary nations other than colonies or vassal states.


A nations capacity for colonialism depends on its economic might and naval prowess. Data outlined in the Ledger supply you with information about the amount of colonial support (points) that is provided by homeland territories which is needed to support the colonial demands of sustaining a colony - which may or may not heed rewards.


Microstates are independent nations that occupies less than a single statistical territory unit. Any player may create a microstate within a developed or claimed territory with the permission of the player that the territory belongs to. A microstate will receive a percentage of the ledger statistics assigned to the territory it is within at the discretion of the player that the territory belongs to.


Each member is responsible for maintaining a thorough wikipedia page to present the identity of their nation to other members. We encorage using the discussions tab to critique and improve the quality of wiki articles.

To be considered complete, wiki nation pages should contain information about history, culture, geography, flags, economy, sports, diplomacy, government and military.

Articles should be statistically accurate in the information that they relay. Propaganda is reserved for in-game forum articles and story-lines rather than wiki nation pages. members need to know what the real state of your nation is so wiki propaganda or marketing twists should be labeled as such.

Wiki content should contribute to the atmosphere of Gotha and your nation. Humor is okay, straight-out silliness is not. Gotha is pretending, but the pretense is that Gotha is a real world.

New Rules

New rules can be proposed by anyone via the Questions and Suggestions forum. A voting poll and discussion will be set up for period of 10 days for any proposed rules after which it will be legislated by moderators and admins and passed by a majority vote.

Restarts will be avoided at all costs but would be treated the same as a any legislation. Finding a more creative way to recycle and absorb abandoned concepts is much more desirable.

<Tech> versus In-Game

Whenever a member posts on the discussion group they will be assumed to be posting in-game as a person or institution from that member's nation.

If a member needs to discuss something that's out-of-game in the midst of an article or storyline or describe an occurrence within their nation that cannot be described in game terms, they should use the tags "<tech> </tech>". Anything that's within the tech tags will be taken as the member explaining something to the other members, rather than a nation giving information to another nation.

There is an out-of-game section which we recommend using for discussions.

Disclosure of Identity

Do not apply for a second account under a false name or by using an alias. Breaking this trust of identity is a serious offense! If a member is determined to have illegaly obtained territory using an alias or false name, that member may be expelled from Gotha and lose all territory. Ideally, all members should be playing with a permanent email addresses which will be kept private.

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