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Political Map of Gotha

The setting of Gotha is equally fantastic yet different from that of our real world.


Purpose of Gotha

The World of Gotha is a collaborative geofiction and world-building project intended as an interactive setting for members to showcase their creativity and develop new skills.

Background of Gotha

Gotha is the name of a terrestrial planet roughly the same size as Earth, which has seen the rise and fall of numerous civilizations over its near 8,000 year recorded history. Several areas of the planet are currently experiencing varying degrees of rapid development. In the forefront of these is the continent of Anaria where a surge of industrialization, previously stalled by prolonged periods of conflict, is driving colonial aspirations in a fierce race to secure valuable world resources. Beyond Anaria's shores lie other so-called 'civilized' empires seeking to defend their spheres of influence and counter the continually expanding power of Anaria.

This competetive neo-colonial era sets the world stage for discovery and exploitative adventure through creative writing, imagery and a bit of grand strategy. The experience varies from player to player depending on his or her interests. Members are encouraged to freely exchange strengths, share tasks and offer tips to help create a rich backdrop.


Technology Progression Timeline

Gotha's level of technological development is best comparable to the mid–late 19th century, roughly from 1860-1890 C.E. Electric lighting is a fantastic new phenomenon, telephones are still considered by many to be "new-fangled gadgets," battleships are clanking coal-powered leviathans, and automatic weaponry is still in its infancy. It is an age of amazing new inventions, but don't take it too far. Be realistic by adhering to the laws of physics in your inventiveness, but don't let that stop you from channeling creativity into design. Your army of clockwork death-spiders that shoot rocket-powered chainsaw missiles isn't going to be feasible. Innovation is okay, but if you're unsure about your fictional mad scientist's latest invention not fitting in with Gotha's tech parameters, put up a post on the forum and consult the community. Consensus is the way to go.


Gotha is set up to be an unique world with some indirect Earth parallels to create a workable starting point. We strongly discourage naming cities or nations after real-world places if possible. This is your chance utilize your creativity. You may have a nation that parallels an Earth nation, but Gotha is all about creating your own nation and distinct culture. This is an opportunity for you to create a new culture that could have happened on Earth, but didn't. It's only limited by your imagination. If you are migrating a nation from another geofiction project we ask that you work with other members to rename and restructure it to fit Gotha's ambiance.

While Gotha is loosely inspired by other geofiction themes, it attempts to offer a flexible array of participation options with guidelines to assist, but not constrict, its members. Gotha is less a fantasy setting than it is a combination of science-fiction & alternate history. There is no final goal or way to "win."

A framework concept is constantly being refined (collectively) to enhance realism and regional cohesion. While juxtaposing will occur, and in some cases greatly enhance the setting, the goal is to avoid a disharmonious patchwork of technologies, cultures and languages, that may result in weak continuity.

Behind the scenes is an elaborate interactive matrix which provides a statistical profile of each of Gotha's 1930 territories, and turns over on an (Gothan) annual basis. If there is sufficient interest and know-how, the future will see optional real-quantity trading & military scenarios which are under development. Inspired members are also welcome to get involved in out-of-game administration and organization.


Some of the activities in which we indulge:

  • Architecture
  • Astronomy
  • Biology
  • Cartography
  • Critiques
  • Culture
  • Discussion
  • Evolution
  • Heraldry
  • History
  • Interactive Storylines
  • Illustration
  • Politics
  • Religion
  • Statistics
  • Writing

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