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Capital City
Seetor harbor from the PromenadeSeetor harbor from the Promenade
Flag of Seetor  
Country  Stachelort
  March Brücht
Founded 5178
Government Borough (Stadtgemeinde)
 • Intendent Werner von Kohler
 • '
 • Quarters (Townships) 12
Area km² ( sq mi)
Elevation m ( ft)
 • Highest elevation m ( ft)
 • Lowest elevation m ( ft)
Population 1,841,179
 • Density /km² (/sq mi)
Official language(s) Stoldish
Demonym(s) Seetoran
Time zone Nester Standard Time
(AMT +2.5)
Post code(s)
Calling code

Seetor is the capital city of Stachelort. Located near the country's southwest coast at the mouths of the Rinn and Nagold Rivers on the Trir Bay, the city is also a prosperous trade center. The city has a population of 1,841,179 within its 12 townships. Although settlements have existed in the area back to prehistoric times, Seetor dates its founding from 5178 during the Orkanan Realm.



The name Seetor literally means "Sea Gate" in Hallish. Throughout the known history of settlements in the area, the site where the Rinn and Nagold Rivers meet the Trir Bay has been an important location for controlling access between the rivers and the Settant Sea.


Situated at the mouths of the Rinn and Nagold Rivers at the Trir Bay, Seetor is a natural site for a harbor, with the bay protecting it from the ocean waters of the Settant Sea. The Rinn River is the largest in Stachelort, in both width and length. It is navigable for much of its length, making Seetor a key city in the region for industrial and transportation purposes. The Nagold River is also navigable for most of its length. Seetor's harbor is a deep harbor, facilitating vessels of all sizes without need for dredging.


Although located in the march of Brücht, Seetor is a borough and, therefore, subordinate to the national government. As Stachelort's capital city, it enjoys additional favor, politically.

A view of Government Quarter, left, with the Foreign Ministry building featuring prominantly. The State Ministry is behind, with Merchants' Quarter to the right of Hauptstraße.

The capital region has 21 seats in the State Assembly: 17 result from its population, 2 from its status as a borough (Stoldish:stadtgemeinde), and an additional 2 members due to the city's status as the national capital.


Administratively, the city consists of 12 townships (Stoldish: Stadtbezirke). In common usage, the townships are referred to as quarters (Viertel), a holdover from when Seetor first established the four quarters of the city: Harbor Quarter, Merchants' Quarter, Peoples' Quarter, and Hillside Quarter. Thus, the 12 townships are often referred to as quarters despite there being 12 of them. Historically, Harbor Quarter and Merchants' Quarter have always been economically important areas of the city. They retain their importance in that regard today, but Government Quarter has grown to become the most important politically. The 12 quarters are, in order of establishment:

  • Harbor Quarter
  • Merchants' Quarter
  • People's Quarter
  • Hillside Quarter
  • Old Quarter
  • Government Quarter
  • Riverside Quarter
  • Fortified Quarter
  • Makers' Quarter
  • Central Quarter
  • Military Quarter
  • New Quarter


A streetcar operating along Marktstraße in Merchants' Quarter.

Seetor is a modern city with services appropriate to a national capital. These include utilities such as pressurized water for drinking, bathing, and cooking purposes, along with sanitary sewers to convey waste away from the urban area.

In addition to water taxis plying the Rinn River and Trir Bay, Seetor enjoys a well-coordinated system of street railways. The cars operate on frequent headway along the main thoroughfares of the city.

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