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Stachelortan Navy
Kriegsflotte Stachelort
Force Type
Type Navy
Military Manpower
Size 21,514
Part off
Headquarters Seetor, Brücht
Commanders & Decorations
Commanders Gr-Adm. Sepp Erhard von Spiess
Annual Amount Standard
Percent of GDP%

The Stachelortan Navy (Stoldish: Kriegsflotte Stachelort) is the naval arm of Stachelort's armed forces. Its headquarters are in the capital city of Seetor, Brücht. Grand Admiral Sepp von Spiess is the current Commandant of the Fleets.

Organized into three fleets—West, East, and South—the navy protects Stachelort's coasts, shipping, and interests abroad. Stachelortan naval ships are known for their long ranges, giving them trans-Gothan capabilities.



Before 7152, Stachelort consisted of independent marches even though they had been in some type of confederation since 6347. After the Greater Stoldavic Empire collapsed in 7156 and the Duchy of Stachelort became independent, Duke Luitger von Sulzbach attempted to bring the separate fleets together into a single navy for the duchy. Hoystraland and Nesterland, both landlocked marches, blocked these efforts, refusing to support any taxes for a unified navy. Succeeding his father in 7158, Duke Eduard Luitger blockaded the rivers to deny Hoystraland and Nesterland sea access. After eight months and some peril to the integrity of the duchy, an agreement was reached and, in 7159, the Kriegsflotte Stachelort was founded. It was not until 7183, however, the united navy had a uniform rank structure and a single set of regulations for naval operations.

Gr-Adm. Sepp Erhard von Spiess, Commandant of the Stachelortan Navy

Tandem Wars

During the Tandem Wars, Stachelort sided with the New Stoldavic Empire. During the first war (7446-7449), two-thirds of the Duchy's fleet was destroyed or rendered unusable. The lack of naval power meant Stachelort's navy had minimal involvement in the subsequent Eight Years War (7465-7473).

Pan-Anarian Wars

In 7498, Stacehlort sided with the United League against the central Anarian powers, joining the League in 7498. Stachelort was not directly involved in the Pan-Anarian War (7498-7552) during the early stages, which took place largely in and around the Medio Sea. The duchy rebuilt its fleet during the 7530s and became more involved as the war spread outward to include the seas around Anaria and even toward colonial holdings in D'Runia.

With the Aschgæt Alliance blockading the colony of Aziland, the Duchy's navy attempted to break through to restore the flow of resources to the Homeland. Battles in the Settant Sea resulted in the destruction of most of Stachelort's capital ships, including a dreadnought and three cruisers, during the early 7540s. The effects of war losses culminated in the Preservationist Coup and the abdication of Duke Gunther Luitger von Sulzbach. The subsequent founding of the Republic of Stachelort in place of the duchy led to the country's withdrawal from the war in 7545.


The new head of state, Autokrat Lorenz Saller, was a pragmatic man. Even though he was previously a Grand Admiral, a new government and significant economic hardship kept him from considering adding to Stachelort's small surviving fleet. His successor, Arndt Garber, remained focused on rebuilding the economy and other domestic issues.

In 7574, Helreich and former Aschgæt Alliance countries signed the Treaty of Ærilar, forming the so-called Common Tariff. This Straits Cartel imposed fees on the shipping of non-signatory states. This spurred Autokrat Nikolo Lusky to begin rebuilding the fleet[1]. In response, the navy proposed the "An Objective Navy for the Next Quadranscentennial" in November, 7574. The scheme has resulted in a new dreadnought and two new cruisers commissioned or laid down during the late 7570s and early 7580s.


See also: List of Stachelortan Navy ships

Ships of the Stachelortan Navy bear the prefix RSS for Republik Stachelort Schiff (Hallish: Republic of Stachelort Ship). Some ships remain in commissioned service since their time with the navy of the Duchy of Stachelort. Their previous ship's prefix was SHS for Stachelortisch Hertzogschiff (Hallish: Stachelortan Duke's Ship) and they retain their names with the new RSS prefix. The ships are distributed among the three fleets—West, East, and South—plus three additional flotillas: Flag, Reserve, and Training.

Stachelort has 129 ships in commissioned service consisting of dreadnoughts, armored cruisers, destroyers, river gunboats, torpedo boats, submarines, and training vessels. The navy also has a number of support vessels, including tugs, freighters, and oilers, in service to the fleets.

Distribution of commissioned ships[2]
Ship class Flag flotillaa Fleet West Fleet East Fleet South Reserve flotilla Training flotilla
Dreadnoughts 1
Cruisers 1 1 1b
Destroyers 4 7 7 4 2
Corvettesc 3 2 4 1
Torpedo boats 30 27 12 6 1
Submarines 5 5 5
aCurrently serving as flag flotilla for Fleet South
bLaid down March 7584; launch projected for early 7586
cIncludes river gunboats and the training steam corvette RSS Gunnar zu Raginmund


Naval High Command (Stoldish: Hoheskommando die Kriefsflotte or HKK) directs naval operations from its headquarters in Seetor, Brücht. HKK has a Naval Strategic Staff modeled after the State Strategic Staff but focused on naval operations and affairs.

The Stachelortan navy operates with three fleets: West, East, and South. Fleet West has primary responsibility in the north Settant Sea with Fleet South operating in the south Settant Sea. Fleet East serves the Stolvic Ocean. A Flag Flotilla exists for the Commandant's flag ship but is currently serving as the command flotilla of Fleet South. There are also a reserve and training flotillas.

Naval Institute

The Flotteninstitut in Vestrivagr, Brücht, with SHS T-82 in front of the quay.

Stachelort's navy operates a naval senior staff academy in Vestrivagr, Brücht. The Naval Institute (Stoldish: Flotteninstitut) offers a 3-year course of study for officers selected after their fifth year of service. Acceptance is very competitive and officers attending must score well at the end of each academic year to continue on in the course of studies. The course of study includes military history, naval history, naval tactics, naval strategy, military planning, and at least one foreign language. Graduates are well prepared to serve on senior naval staffs and command at flotilla, fleet, and High Command levels.


Grand Admiral





Master Petty Officer

Petty Officer

Master Seaman

Able Seaman


Apprentice Seaman
Seemann Lehrling

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  1. ^ Autokrat's Decree 3-K-74-09, "Decree for the Enhancement of Capabilities to Safeguard Vessels on the High Seas", September 4, 7574
  2. ^ Fleet Registry of the Stachelortan Navy, 7582

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