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|leader_type = President
|leader_type = President
|leader = Hans-Peter Jans
|leader = Hans-Peter Jans
|speaker_type =  
|speaker_type = Marshal
|speaker                =  
|speaker                = Armin Matthäus zu Beyersdorf
|seats_type = Members
|seats_type = Members
|seats_number = 300
|seats_number = 300

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State Assembly of Stachelort
Staatsversammlung Stachelort

Type Unicameral
President Hans-Peter Jans
Marshal Armin Matthäus zu Beyersdorf
Members 300
Parties      Stachelortans First Party
     Orkanists Union Party
     Conservative People's Party
     Guildsmen United Party
     Centrist Party of Stachelort
Electoral system
Last election
December 10, 7580

Plenary Chamber of the State Assembly of Stachelort

The State Assembly of Stachelort is the parliamentary body of Stachelort. It was founded in 7545 RH and consists of 300 members who are popularly elected. The last election was on December 10, 7580, with members seated for their 5-year term on January 1, 7581.


Stachelort's constitutional document, the Framework of the Republic of Stachelort, sets the structure of the State Assembly fixed at 300 members. The members are elected by plurality of the voters in a first-past-the-post process. All citizens are qualified electors; in Stachelort, a man gains his citizenship upon completion of his compulsory service. Elections take place on the second Monday in December, twice each decade, in years ending in 0 and 5, with members serving 5-year terms with effect from January 1st of the year after the election. Members are elected according to the following breakdown:

To qualify for candidacy to the State Assembly, the person must be a sole citizen of Stachelort without criminal conviction and reside in the region he seeks to represent. Members must remain qualified during their term. A member cannot be dismissed from the State Assembly unless he fails to remain qualified or commits treason. Members may not serve more than three terms.


State Assembly Building in Seetor, Brücht.

The primary purpose of the State Assembly is to serve as the representative body of the citizens of Stachelort. In this regard, the State Assembly provides advice on governance to the Autokrat, the Council of Ministers, and any other organs of government as may be appropriate. Although the State Assembly may suggest laws and regulations, it does not have a legislative function.

Each newly elected State Assembly convenes on January 1st following their election. During this session, they designate a President as leader of the State Assembly. The President determines when the State Assembly shall meet, but must convene a plenary session at least annually. Each member of the State Assembly has one vote, but the President must withhold his vote if it will result in a tie. This constitutional stipulation has led to occasional high drama in efforts to keep the President from being able to vote on a matter. In order for the State Assembly to conduct business, at least one-quarter (75) of the members must be present.

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