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A Stift is a larger, second level territory within Orkanan societies. They are formed as a voluntary association of sockens and can be compared to a diocese.

In most Orkanan societies a stift only deals with religious matters, as well as the organization of the religious institutes as such. Worldly matters are attended by hundreds (härad in Vittmark). There are however regions where the stift still has all the authority on a regional level. There even have been stifts that have operated as autonomous countries. It is also possible that a stift is not a territory, but only a second level of organization of Orkanan subjects. This is the case with gatherings of Orkanan minorities in non-Orkanan societies, for example Valhagen Stift as a gathering of all Orkanans in eastern Aedeland. Another example of a landless stift is that of Fjällsta Stift which even operates as a non-territotial member state.

The word was in use for the provinces of the Greater Stoldavic Empire, although stift is the northern variation while in the south the word sticht was in use. As a verb, stifta or stichten translates as "to found".

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