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Supreme Court of Stachelort
Oberster Gerichtshof Stachelort
Supreme Court of StachelortOberster Gerichtshof Stachelort logo
Nationality Stachelort
Executive Autokrat
Competencies Stachelortan and international law
Date Founded April 26, 7234
Head Offices Seetor, Brücht
Justice-President Reinhard von Muhlfeld
Budget Standard ($) N/A
Major Units

The Supreme Court of Stachelort (Stoldish: Oberster Gerichtshof) is the highest court of justice in Stachelort. The Court consists of nine justices (Stoldish: Gerechtigkeit, plural Gerechtigkeiten), one of whom is the Justice-President (Stoldish: Gerechtigkeit-Präsident). Appointed by the Autokrat, the justices serve for life or until they voluntarily retire or are removed for treason or incapacity according to provisions of Stachelort's constitutional document, the Framework of the Republic of Stachelort. The Supreme Court was established in 7234 by Duke Donatus Luitger during the era of the Duchy of Stachelort.

The Palace of Justice (Stoldish: Gerechtigkeitpalast) in Seetor, Brücht.
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