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— {{{category}}} —
[[Image:{{{pic}}}|290 px|{{{pic_caption}}}]]{{{pic_caption}}}
{{{flag_name}}} {{{symbol_name}}}
Motto {{{motto}}}
[[Image:{{{location}}}|290 px]]
Country {{{country}}}
  {{{subdiv1_type}}} {{{subdiv1}}}
  {{{subdiv2_type}}} {{{subdiv2}}}
Founded {{{founded}}}
Government {{{gov_type}}}
 • {{{leader_title}}} {{{leader_name}}} {{{leader_party}}}
 • {{{gov_body}}} {{{gov_body_info}}}
 • {{{subdiv_name}}} {{{subdivisions}}}
Area {{{area}}} km² ({{{areamiles}}} sq mi)
Elevation {{{elevation}}} m ({{{elevation_feet}}} ft)
 • Highest elevation {{{highest}}} m ({{{highest_feet}}} ft)
 • Lowest elevation {{{lowest}}} m ({{{lowest_feet}}} ft)
Population {{{population}}}
 • Density {{{popdensity}}}/km² ({{{popdensitymiles}}}/sq mi)
Official language(s) {{{languages}}}
Demonym(s) {{{demonym}}}
Time zone {{{time}}}
Post code(s) {{{post_code}}}
Calling code {{{calling_code}}}

This is a settlement infobox for use on pages about cities, towns, and similar administrative divisions of nations.

— yourinfo —
File:Yourinfo File:Yourinfo
Motto yourinfo
Country yourinfo
  yourinfo yourinfo
  yourinfo yourinfo
Founded yourinfo
Government yourinfo
 • yourinfo yourinfo yourinfo
 • yourinfo yourinfo
 • yourinfo yourinfo
Area yourinfo km² (yourinfo sq mi)
Elevation yourinfo m (yourinfo ft)
 • Highest elevation yourinfo m (yourinfo ft)
 • Lowest elevation yourinfo m (yourinfo ft)
Population yourinfo
 • Density yourinfo/km² (yourinfo/sq mi)
Official language(s) yourinfo
Demonym(s) yourinfo
Time zone yourinfo
Post code(s) yourinfo
Calling code yourinfo

To use this template, copy and paste the following into your page; be sure to replace or delete yourinfo:

{{Settlement infobox
| name = yourinfo
| name_native = yourinfo
| category = yourinfo
| pic = yourinfo
| pic_size = yourinfo
| pic_caption = yourinfo
| flag = yourinfo
| flag_size = yourinfo
| flag_name = yourinfo
| symbol = yourinfo
| symbol_size = yourinfo
| symbol_name = yourinfo
| motto = yourinfo
| location = yourinfo
| loc_size = yourinfo
| mapfile_name = yourinfo
| mapwidth = yourinfo
| mapheight = yourinfo
| mapx = yourinfo
| mapy = yourinfo
| pinfile = yourinfo
| pin_width = yourinfo
| country= yourinfo
| subdiv1_type = yourinfo
| subdiv1 = yourinfo
| subdiv2_type = yourinfo
| subdiv2 = yourinfo
| founded = yourinfo
| gov_type = yourinfo
| leader_title = yourinfo
| leader_name = yourinfo
| leader_party = yourinfo
| gov_body = yourinfo
| gov_body_info = yourinfo
| subdiv_name = yourinfo
| subdivisions = yourinfo
| area = yourinfo
| areamiles = yourinfo
| elevation = yourinfo
| elevation_feet = yourinfo
| highest = yourinfo
| highest_feet = yourinfo
| lowest = yourinfo
| lowest_feet = yourinfo
| population = yourinfo
| popdensity = yourinfo
| popdensitymiles = yourinfo
| languages = yourinfo
| demonym = yourinfo
| time= yourinfo
| post_code = yourinfo
| calling_code = yourinfo
| notes = yourinfo


Mandatory parameters appear in bold. All other parameters are optional, except if the mapfile_name parameter is used, then the mapwidth, mapheight, mapx, mapy, pinfile, and pin_width parameters are mandatory.

  • Namemandatory: name of the settlement
  • Native_name—native name of the settlement (will be italicized)
  • Categorymandatory: type of settlement, e.g., [[:Category:Cities|City]], {{:Category:Capital Cities|Capital City]]
  • pic—name of the picture file to display
  • pic_size—picture width (default is 290px)
  • pic_caption—caption for the picture
  • flag—settlement flag file name
  • flag_size—width of flag image
  • flag_name—flag name or caption
  • symbol—settlement symbol file name (coat of arms, for example)
  • symbol_size—symbol image width
  • symbol_name—symbol name or caption
  • motto—settlement motto
  • location—locator map image file name
  • loc_size—locator map image width (default is 290px)
  • mapfile_name—blank locator map image file name; uses a template and mapwidth, mapheight, mapx, mapy, pinfile, and pin_width parameters to place a pin in a location on the map
  • mapwidth—required if mapfile_name parameter used; map file image width in pixels
  • mapheight—required if mapfile_name parameter used; map file image height in pixels
  • mapx—required if mapfile_name parameter used; distance in pixels from left of map image to place the locator pin
  • mapy—required if mapfile_name parameter used; distance in pixels from top of map image to place the locator pin
  • pinfile—required if mapfile_name parameter used; name of locator pin image file
  • pin_width—required if mapfile_name parameter used; width in pixels for the locator pin image
  • country—country where the settlement is located; can include flag image, if desired
  • subdiv1_type—type of country's first subdivisional level, such as state, province, etc.
  • subdiv1—name of the subdivsion where the settlement is located
  • subdiv2_type—type of country's second subdivisional level, such as county, district, etc.
  • subdiv2—name of the second subdivsion where the settlement is located
  • founded—date the settlement was founded
  • gov_type—type of government for the settlement (e.g., mayor-council, governor, etc.)
  • leader_title—settlement leader's title (e.g., mayor, governor, etc.)
  • leader_name—leader's name
  • leader_party—political party of the leader
  • gov_body—name or type of the governing body (e.g., Council, City Council, etc.)
  • gov_body_info—governing body's name, number of representatives, list of their names, etc.
  • subdiv_name—name of the settlement's subdivisions (e.g., precincts, zones, etc.
  • subdivisions—number or names of subdivisions
  • area—area in km the settlement covers
  • areamiles—area in miles the settlement covers
  • elevation—elevation in meters
  • elevation_feet—elevation in feet
  • highest—highest elevation in meters
  • highest_feet—highest elevation in feet
  • lowest—lowest elevation in meters
  • lowest_feet—lowest elevation in feet
  • population—how many people live in the settlement
  • popdensity—population density per square km
  • popdensitymiles—population density per square mile
  • languages—official language(s) spoken in the settlement
  • demonym—what are people of the settlement called
  • time—time zone the settlement is located in
  • post_code—postal code(s) for mail addressed to people in the settlement
  • calling_code—calling code for telephone calls to people in the settlement
  • notes—any notes relevant to the information in the infobox
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