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United League
7495 - 7554
Flag of United League Emblem of United League
Member states of the United Leauge
Type Military
Founded 7495
Dissolved 7554
Headquarters Hoffnung, Helreich
Languages Stoldish
Members Helriech Helreich
Mörenburg Mörenburg
New Stoldavia
New Südentor
Errea Errea
Anat Tahan Anat Tahan
Stachelort Stachelort
Wolgos Empire Wolgos Empire

The United Leauge was a military alliance created in 7495 RH as a mutual security agreement between Helreich, Mörenburg, New Stoldavia (now New Hoffnung), and New Südentor. In 7496, Errea and Anat Tahan joined the alliance. On the eve of the Pan-Anarian War in 7498, the Duchy of Stachelort joined the United League. In 7502, the Wolgos Empire became part of the United League as a scavenging force.

In 7544, the Häverist-Wolgos War saw Helreich and the Wolgos battling each other in the midst of the still on-going Pan-Anarian War. The following year, the Preservationist Coup resulted in a change in government in Stachelort. Within a week, Stachelort left the United League and withdrew from the War by mid-July 7545.

After the end of the Pan-Anarian War, the United League was dissolved in 7554 with the four original members forming the Stolvic Häverist Commonwealth.

Pan-Anarian War
Theatres MedioStraits CampaignsD'RuniaAnaria MinorEastern AnariaAt sea
Aschgæt Alliance Aldsegian Empire Amberia Anisoran Empire Auresian Empire Halland Ådalen
United League Anat Tahan Errea Helreich Mörenburg New Stoldavia New SüdentorStachelort Stachelort Wolgos Empire
Other powers Istania Penrhyn and Iseldir
Timeline Prelude to War Tandem Wars (7446-49; 7465-7473) • War of the Two Eagles (7468-7477) • Decemberist Revolution (7473) • Revolutions of 7473Amicizia Accordi (7489-7497) • Sørland Incident (7498)
7498-7508 Battle of the Hattaro Straits (7498) • First Battle of the Soll (7498) • Battle of Mallaro Ridge (7499) • Battle of Laneka (7503) • Battle of Akhtalik (7505) • Battle of Chamotayk (7507)
7508-7518 Assassination of Flavian of Anisora (7518)
7518-7528 XXX
7528-7538 Second Penrish Civil War (7527-7543) • Liberation of Hattaria (7529) •
7538-7552 Häverist-Wolgos War (7544-48) • Battle of the Reach Coast (7545) • Preservationist Coup (7545) • War of Istanian Unification (7547-7551) •
Post-War Three Way Conflicts (7552-7564) • Consolidationist Crisis (7552-53) • Amberian Civil War (7554-7559) • Returner War (7557-7562)
Aspects Armies and fleets Aldsegian Expeditionary ForceAnisoran Expeditionary ForceArmy of the Medio
Treaties Treaty of AschgætTreaty of AsolaTreaty of OstbergTreaty of Riberas
Consequences League for Peace
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