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  • Name: Ian
  • Location: US of A
  • Occupation: starving artist
  • Nations: Amberia, Hayrand

Amberia – a world-spanning empire based on a mix of the British Empire and Tsarist Russia, with some fun Gothic flavoring.



  • Amberian Culture
    • Nobles
      • The clans - overhaul page, clan names, list of clans, clan map, clan coats of arms
      • The nobility - overhaul page
    • Other (Split page into multiple?)
      • Add in more about position of men
      • Add in info about work and pregnancy
      • Finish superstitions, etiquette, page in general
      • Eilän speaks mostly Vaixellan!!!!
    • The Saga of Aslaug - look at Exodus and make sure it's part of Scriptures (multiple versions?)
  • Amberian Government
    • finish the page (no political parties allowed, Constitution, clan as province)
    • work on political movements (give them fun names)
  • Amberian Empire


  • Ms. Smidhe goes to Aschgæt
    • the story of a newly enfranchised Amberian citizen learning the ropes of politics
  • In the Teratorns' Shadow: An Account of the Conquest of the Lae Lang
    • a series of letters written by Aje-Viktorie de Veihs to her family and friends detailing her time as an airship captain during the Jandze Campaign
  • Reorganize forum
    • Stories
    • Slice of Life
    • Diplomatic Correspondance

More Goals

  • Finish History of the Cheltic Isles
    • Finish monarchs pages
    • Blurbs for historical entities
  • Finish Cheltic
  • Famous people – (Inge-Lizsbet äv Schvys, Fyrstin Ynglingrs, Reikskreivin Päärbergs und Salihs, Frauja Weiers, Frauja Schvys)
  • Amberian economy
    • big companies
    • exports/imports
    • air and sea lines
    • &c.
  • Amberian military
    • Better the page
      • The Reikslægionen (lit. royal legions) is the regular Amberian infantry, and is tasked with the defense of Republican interests and assets on the ground. It is headed by the Frümsmarschal (lit. first marshal).

(Each legion is comprised of ten kohorten (lit. cohort). At least two of these kohorten are Brunjokohorten (lit. armormed cohorts), who are in charge of the mobile armor, artillery, and other assorted war machines. Each of the kohorten is further divided into six þusundi (lit. band). In addition, each legion is supplied with an additional þusund, called an Aukansþusund (lit. added band) for scouting and escort purposes. The Reiksarmada (lit. royal armada) is the Amberian surface and submarine fleet, and is tasked with the defense of the Cheltic Isles and the Amberian Empire, as well as the maintenance of shipping routes. It is headed by the Flotsmarschal (lit. fleet marshal) and anchored by the post-dreadnought Keizsarin Margarete. It is sometimes called the White Fleet, due to the ships' traditional coloring. The Æromariin (lit. aerial navy) is the pride and joy of the Amberian military. Perhaps the largest, most technologically advanced aerial force in Gotha, it is anchored by the Keizsarin Talei, one of the few behemoths in existence. It is headed by the Luftsmarschal (lit. sky marshal). Like the Reiksarmada, it is also known as the "White Fleet". The Reiksvardjan (lit. royal guards) are the Amberian special forces. Evolving out of the personal Länsvardjan of the House of Ajas, its members are the elite of the elite. Handpicked from each branch, they are highly trained to wage high-risk, unconventional warfare, such as terrorism or reconnaissance. An important subdivision serves as the Queen-Elect’s personal bodyguards; their exact organization, however, is unknown, as is the extent of their integration with the Amberian Ministry of Intelligence.)

      • Make ranks better
    • ships – KM (Keizsarin Marianne?) is Queen Elisabeth, ITh is Royal Oak, Rø is Viribus Unitis, Rí is Repulse, Ba is Hood, Ki is Shannon, Dau is Kaiser Friedrich III, Ax is XXX, Un is XXX.
    • airships
  • Amberian geography
    • Maps of at least Aschgæt
    • Flesh out major cities
    • Geography of Empire

Finished Projects

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