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Aedeland Site Map

Resist the urge to create frivolous entries. If it can be said in a single wiki entry, no need to say it again. - Jeff

* = Entry is incomplete and/or needs revision.
  1. Aedeland
    1. Etymology
      1. Aedelish Pronunciation Guide / Language Page*
    2. Timeline of Aedelish History*
    3. Geography of Aedeland
      1. Fauna of Aedeland*
      2. Flora of Aedeland*
    4. Politics of Aedeland*
      1. Althing*
      2. Political Movements of Aedeland*
        Merge entry with Althing
      3. Aedelant Constitution
      4. Aedelant First Laws
      5. Rights of Aedelmen
    5. Military of Aedeland
      1. Uniforms of the Styrkene
      2. Weapons of the Strykene*
        Integrate Æðelantë (Rike Class), The Bøddel, The Hlaðgerðr (Drakkar Class).
      3. Rank Structure of the Styrkene
      4. Decorations of the Styrkene
    6. Foreign Policy of Aedeland*
      1. Cykeria
      2. Aevaland
      3. Achilleio
      4. Taurès
      5. Búle Republics
      6. West and Central Haniyyahs
        1. Culture of the Búle Republics
          Integrate Culture of Alade Peoples
      7. Narrows Archipelago
    7. Economy of Aedeland*
      On hold pending update to ledger
      1. Companies of Aedeland
        Integrate Imperial Mercantile Exchange, Sørtarnland Company, ÆRILYS, and Pan-Anarian Airways
    8. Culture of Aedeland
      1. The Faith

Pages to be integrated then purged:

  1. Great Houses of Aedeland
  2. Nobility of Aedeland
  3. The Nicor (Branndrage Class)
  4. The Nordland (Erobring Class)
  5. The Skjoldlantë (Fólkveldi Class)


My priorities for wiki pages:

  1. Primary Nation Page - complete and correct
  2. Colony Nation Pages - complete and correct
  3. Everything else

Works in Progress


Project Streamline (in no particular oder)

Place Names
More Place Names Thanks Felipe!
Aedeland Naming Ideas


Foror Vilhelm av Ambrodring's assisinated architect of the Straits Cartel, Jakob av Varung, is the son of Hinrik av Ballingr. Hinrik av Ballingr is the man behind the curtian who runs both the Aedelish government and the Sortarnland Company through the influence of his wealth. The treaty was further pursued by Foror Guttfred av Svommerhunding who became the Governor of the Sortarnland Company. His replacement, Foror Georg av Horda does not support the cartel but does not have the influence to reverse course.

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