Vitiges Faurhahs

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Anþar Reikskreivi Unvis
Vitiges Faurhahs
KRV ???
The Baron of Unvý
Vitiges Faurhahs, c. 7420
Military Service
Allegiance  Amberian Empire
Service/branch  Imperial Army
Years of Service 73XX - 74XX
Rank Proconsul
Commands held
Battles/wars  ???
  • Knight of the Order of the White Raven
  • Iron Star (Third Class)
  • ???
Personal Details
Born XX 73XX
XX, Aschgæt, Amberia
Died XX 74XX (aged 78)
XX, Aschgæt, Amberian Empire
Spouse XX
Issue XX
Full Name Bryn-Vitiges Johan Faurhahs
House Faurhahs
Mother Andís, First Baroness of Unvý
Father Vitiges the Elder
Religion The Faith

Vitiges Faurhahs (full name: Bryn-Vitiges Johan Faurhahs) was an officer of the Imperial Amberian army.



A young Faurhahs, in the dress uniform of an officer of the Katafractaren, c. 73XX.
Personal Life




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