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Frümó Reikskreivin Lleseins
Zsulie äv Llesei
The Countess Llesei
Portrait of then Feldmarschal Llesei c. 7487
Military Service
Allegiance  Amberia
Service/branch  Imperial Amberian Army
Years of Service 7466 - 7518
Rank Degansfeldmarschal of Amberia
Commands held IV Þonnen Highlanders
Lægio XI
Grand Army
Commander-in-Chief of the Amberian Military
Battles/wars Pan-Anarian War

Eight Year's War

  • ???
Awards Lægio der Sverei, Grand Cross
Reiksorden Vichtrabn, Commander
Iron Star (1st Class)
Iron Star (3rd Class)
Master of the Order of Exemplar Depellorrion (DD) (Anisora)
Personal Details
Born 17 January 7450
Brüke Fraujischen, Elshavn, Amberian Empire
Died 5 July 7520 (aged 70)
Aschgæt, Great Amberia, Amberian Empire
Spouse Johann Geyer
Issue Nora
Full Name Aje-Zsulie Drakau äv Llesei
House Drakau
Mother Zsulie Drakau
Father Jan Audrunsen
Religion The Faith

Zsulie äv Llesei (full name: Aje-Zsulie Drakau äv Llesei, KRV, HLS) was Degansmarschal of Amberia, an Amberian Stratigós to the Allied Supreme Military Council, and Stratárchis of the Aschgæt Alliance from 7508 to 7518. One of the most decorated members of the Reikshansa in all of its history, she is considered a war hero of both the Eight Years' War and the Pan-Anarian War.

She is typically accounted as one of the finest commanders the Amberian Empire has ever produced, and to this day remains the most decorated officer of the Reikshansa in its history. In recognition of her service, she was awarded the title Lady of Sau in 7496, and, following her death in 7520, was posthumously made Countess of Llesei that same year, a title her descendants hold onto to this day. She is credited with being the mastermind behind the successful Defense of Aschgæt.


She was born Zsulie Drakau, the daughter of a maid in the town of Brüke Fraujischen, on Elshavn in Eilän. She never knew her father; he was an orderly on the ship Aurahi, which sank in November 7449, off the coast of New Hapsburg. Her mother quickly remarried, this time to a local baker, but would soon divorce him in favor of a highborn bachelor, leaving Zsulie with her half-siblings in the care of her stepfather, whom the young Zsulie would grow up close with.

She was fourteen when the Eight Years' War broke out, and volunteered for service with the newly-formed Lægio XI a few days after her sixteenth birthday. Quickly singled out for her charisma, she was raised to the rank of centurion. Her actions during the Battle of XXX in earned her her first Iron Star, and saw her rewarded with the rank of Comes. She was further singled out for her actions during the retreat at XXX in 7467: the Hellish, under the command of XXX, had managed to pin the remnants of the Eleventh and Twelfth legions - the Amberian rearguard - in the village of XXX. Her commanding officers dead, surrounded by an army of over 60,000 fast closing in, Drakau took control of the two legions, not more than 2,200 troops, and successfully held out for over a week. When the surrender was finally called, XXX was so impressed by the bravery of the remaining 109 survivors that he released them all. Their commander, however, he kept as prisoner, and Drakau would spend the rest of the war as such.

Upon her release at the war's end in 7473, she was hailed as a hero, received her second Iron Star, awarded a membership in the Ajids, and was named a Kommandant in the Order of the White Raven. She was also raised to the rank of Tribunus, in which capacity she furthered her reputation as an able, tenacious commander and gifted organizer. She served with distinction in the XXX and XXX Wars; it was during the former that she was named Proconsul, at the age of 32. Upon the death of Crown Princess Aje-Kateriin in 7494 - who had by then become a good friend - she was considered the natural choice for the position of Feldmarschal, and would hold the post until her ascension to Commander-in-Chief in 7497.

Upon the outbreak of the Pan-Anarian War and the signing of the Treaty of Aschgæt, Drakau was immediately named to the Allied Supreme Military Council. Nicknamed The Old Lady by her fellow Stratigós - she was 48 in 7498 - her reputation served to assuage the fact of her low birth and her gender amongst her highborn, male Auresian and Aedelish counterparts, becoming especially close with Aldsegian Field Martial Sigurd av Haddingjar. She suffered a stroke in December 7518, scarcely a month after the Hellish had broken the lines around Aschgæt, and resigned her position a month later, citing health reasons. She died in her manor house in Aschgæt in 7520. A short eulogy was given for her by Proconsul Thalo Cholini, who had considered her "the most formidable woman in Anaria".

Personal Life

Her heroism at XXX came with personal sacrifice: in addition to her five-year imprisonment, she was struck in the leg by shrapnel, and the wound mortified, necessitating amputation. Her future husband, Johann Geyer, was the Hellish doctor who performed the operation. They had three daughters together: Nora, Aje-Kateriin, and Margot.


General Flag of Amberia, Republican Seal, Cheltic Isles, Amberian Empire
History Orkanan Realm, Rulers of Amberia, Pan-Anarian War, Amberian Civil War
Culture and Society

Languages: Cheltic, Vaixellan, Stoldish, Hallish
Religion: The Faith, Lazarianism, Erecund
Culture and Society: Nobility of Amberia, Amberian Clans, Reiksmark


Institutions: Queen-Elect (executive), Small Council (executive), Reiksþingi (legislative), Hauhtscuria (judicial)
Political parties: Political Movements in Amberia


Equipment: Weapons, Combat Vehicles, Ships
Prominent legions: I Fulminat, XI Hroþeigs, LXVII Andujas
Orders and Decorations

Famous people Historical: Genofevis Daudeiþa, Adri Konak, Aje-Kateriin I, Niklazs Attenberg, Talei äv Zsü und Þenn
Current: Margarete äv Iinstr, Valæri Iijners, Jræa äv Jiirstädt, Lizsbet äv Schvys, Gudrún Chihsel, Sibylle de Veihs

Features: The Nibelhorn, The Straits, Vizsi River, Lake Jovæn
Regions: Great Amberia, Zsäre, Eilän
Cities: Aschgæt (capital city), Eilekis, Iinstr, Viijnstadt
Major Clans of Amberia: Ajingr, Ambroþringr, Aningr, Ølingr, Gudringr, Hjófalingr, Mýrlingr, Sirlingr, Ynglingr

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